Articles and Media

 Magazine Articles, Newspaper Commentaries, Books and other Publications highlighting some of the high profile cases conducted by Noel C. O'Brien, Q.C. will soon be added as this website undergoes updating.  These will include:

Avenue Magazine Cover Story: profiling the career of  Noel C. O'Brien Q.C. in the cover story entitled "The Best Money Can Buy" by Gordon Cope

Counsel for the Defence: A collection of lectures, including one delivered by Noel C. O'Brien, Q.C. as part of a series from the Bernard Cohn Memorial Lectures in Criminal Law, edited by Edward Greenspan Q.C.

Tough Crimes: a recent book comprised of a collection of stories authored by Canada's top criminal lawyers including Mr. O'Brien's account of one of  Alberta's most unusual murder trials that involved two missing bodies.

Be Good Sweet Maid: a book authored by Audrey Andrews detailing the legal trial of Dorothy Joudrie acquitted of attempted murder in a high profile jury case involving the controversial defence of "automatism" advanced by Mr. O'Brien, Q.C.

Two Missing Bodies: a book profiling the jury trial conducted by Noel C. O'Brien Q.C. where the accused Jake Wanner was acquitted by a jury of murder north of Calgary. The bodies of the two victims have never been found.

For Love and Money: the book authored by Licia Corbella and Kevin Martin delving into the background and fascinating circumstances leading up to the high profile trial of Dorothy Joudrie

Published Profiles: Numerous articles have been published profiling Noel C. O'Brien, Q.C .featuring his many successful defences in very high profile trials and appeals across Canada.

Case Profiles: For examples of some of the cases argued by Mr. O'Brien, Q.C., Click on to Case Profiles on the above Task Bar and follow the link to Noel C. O'Brien, Q.C. and you may review summaries of the various trials and appeals that were conducted by him.