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Lawyers in our firm who specialize in Motor Vehicle Accident related cases are: Brian Devlin, Q.C.


As a result of injuries ranging from whiplash to quadriplegia, you may be entitled to benefits from insurance companies and government departments that will help you meet your short-term financial needs.

If you are injured in a car accident, motor vehicle insurance policies provide for a medical benefit of up to $10,000 - even if the accident was your fault. You may also be eligible for other financial assistance programs such as the provincial government's Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program.

Where there is a dispute about responsibility for an accident, an independent investigation should be launched by an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your interests. A thorough examination of your losses including past and future loss of income, cost of care, and damages for pain and suffering will assist you to receive the compensation you deserve.

Lawyers in our firm who specialize in Personal Injury related cases are: Brian Devlin, Q.C. &  Don MacLeod, Q.C.


One of the biggest mistakes people make in medical malpractice cases is waiting too long before consulting a lawyer.

Even though you have two years to launch a malpractice suit, that doesn't mean you should take a "wait and see" approach to a medical condition or disability you honestly believe was caused by negligent medical diagnosis or treatment. It takes time to obtain medical records and consult independent medical experts.

Only then can an experienced medical malpractice lawyer determine if you have a legitimate claim and what fair compensation would be for all the changes you or your family may have to make to accommodate a different physical or emotional condition.

Lawyers in our firm who specialize in Medical Malpractice related cases are: Brian Devlin, Q.C.


A call or visit from a member of any police force should always be taken seriously - even if you feel you haven't done anything wrong.

The police do not have to advise you of your right to a lawyer unless you are being formally detained in relation to a criminal offense. However, if a police officer indicates he wants to ask you a few questions regarding a criminal matter, you are entitled to consult a lawyer before responding. Make the call.

An experienced criminal lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation of the charges before advising you of your rights and the options available to you.

If you decide to talk to a police officer before obtaining legal advice, be aware: any information given to the police may be used against you later in a court of law. You can be found guilty of a charge simply because of a statement you made to the police.

Lawyers in our firm who specialize in Criminal Defense are: Noel O'Brien, Q.C. Brian Devlin, Q.C. &  Don MacLeod, Q.C.